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Electric Beds Info - our name says it all! We work with the leading Electric Bed manufacturers to bring you the best Electric Beds in the industry including Electric Adjustable Beds, in home Hospital Beds and Electric Hospital Beds. We strive to get you the best possible deals on the best beds on the market.

How Do We Do It?

The number one question our customers ask is "How do you do it?" How do we bring you the best price on these top of the line luxury electric beds?

Sorry, that is a trade secret! What we can say is that we are in constant contact with the top manufacturers in the electric bed industry (usually the president of the company!) Simply put - we wheel and deal so you don't have too. And since we get these electric beds factory direct, shipped directly to you... we've virtually eliminated the middle man.

We also look for factory overstock to bring you exclusive deals at unbelievable prices. You'll want to sign up for our "Price Watchers" Newsletter to be the first to know about these incredible deals.