Wound Care Mattresses: Renew


Wound Care Renew: Static Air/Foam Floatation

Make Therapeutic Support a Renewable Resource
No matter how effective, typical all-foam mattress replacements share one common characteristic: their first day is their best day. While typical mattresses may continue to deliver acceptable pressure dispersion throughout their life, the orthopedic support they offer - especially at the lower back - inevitably degrades over time.

But the Wound Care Renew is different. Unlike all-foam and innerspring mattress replacements, fatigue won't rob it of its support and comfort over time.

Instead, the Renew maintains like-new performance both in pressure management and user support throughout its life. All it requires is a simple, occasional air system renewal that can be performed in seconds without ever removing the mattress from the bed.

Best of all, the Renew is equipped with all of the patented stability, safety, and simplicity innovations built into every Wound Care model.

Quick Facts

Primary Use:
  • Prevention of skin breakdown

Patient Indications:

  • Patient at moderate to high risk for skin breakdown

Key Advantages:

  • Proven effectiveness for skin management
  • Re-fill air for like-new performance
  • Wound Care design: stability, safety, anti-shearing


Item #      Description
2084-13     Renew, 84"L x 35"W x 7"H
2080-13     Renew, 80"L x 35"W x7"H
3280-13     Renew, 80"L x32"W x 7"H
2078-13    Renew,78"L x 35"W x 7"H
2075-13     Renew, 75"L x 35"W x 7"H
RW7539-13   Renew, 75"L x 39"W x 7"H Twin
RW7554-13   Renew, 75"L x 54"W x 7"H Full
RW8060-13   Renew, 80"L x60"W x 7"H Queen
RW8076-13   Renew, 80"L x 76"W x 7"H King
SERVICE-00  Air System Renewal Kit
(includes hand pump and auto-adjust valve)

Weight Limit:     350 lbs.
Warranty:    5 years, non pro-rated
Mattress Weight:  20 lbs.
UL Listed:     Yes

FireGuard versions can beordered to conform with 1997 NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code) and Cal. TB#129. To order, replace "-13" suffix with "-29" suffix in modelnumber.