Wound Care Mattresses: Easy Air


Wound Care Easy Air: Low Air Loss with Alternating Pressure

Best Performance, None of the Compromises.
Clinicians choose low air loss systems to address "maceration", the weakening of the skin due to excess moisture. The new Wound Care Easy Air is independently documented to outperform every leading low air loss system in this key performance area. Remarkably, it does so with none of the compromises low air loss prescribers have come to accept, thanks to its exclusive "Air Diffusion Matrix" technology (patent pending) and patented Wound Care air/foam design.

Easy Air won't lose inflation in a power outage. Its stable surface won't "swallow up" the user. And its Safety Edge won't collapse, making transfers safer. Won't make the user too hot or too cold, either. Ultra-simple to set up, clean and use. Dial sets the comfort level. "On/Off" buttons control air flow and alternating pressure feature.

Quick Facts

Primary Use:
  • Aggressive Treatment(through Stage IV)

Patient Indications:
  • Excessive maceration contributes to development of skin breakdown
  • Any stage ulcer where maceration is a contributing factor

Key Advantages:

  • Documented superiority in moisture removal
  • Won't deflate in power outage
  • Includes alternating pressure mode
  • Wound Care design: stability, safety,anti-shearing


Item #      Description
L7535       Easy Air System, 75"L x 35"W x 7"H
L7835     Easy Air System, 78"L x 35"W x 7"H
L8035     Easy Air System, 80"L x 35"W x7"H
L8435      Easy Air System,84"L x 35"W x 7"H
L8032      Easy Air System, 80"L x 32"W x 7"H
8000     Easy Air Controller Unit
CLT-L7535   Easy Air Coverlet, 75"L x 35"W
CLT-L7835   Easy Air Coverlet, 78"L x 35"W
CLT-L8035   Easy Air Coverlet, 80"L x35"W
CLT-L8435   Easy Air Coverlet, 84"L x 35"W
CLT-L8032   Easy Air Coverlet, 80"L x32"W

Medicare Approved:   E0277 (Group II)
Weight Limit:    350 lbs.
Warranty:    2 years, non pro-rated
Mattress Weight:    22 lbs.
UL Listed:    Yes

FireGuard versions can be ordered to conform with 1997 NFPA 101(Life Safety Code) and Cal. TB #129. To order, replace "-13" suffixwith "-29" suffix in model number.