Wound Care Mattresses: AMP2


Wound Care APM2: Alternating Pressure with Basic Lateral Rotation

Alternating Pressure or Lateral Rotation - at the Flip of a Switch!
With its two distinct therapy modes, the Wound Care APM2 gives you twice the treatment options. Twice the flexibility. Twice the value.

Change instantly and easily from alternating pressure to basic lateral rotation with a single, recessed toggle switch. Requires no disconnecting or exchanging of air lines.

And the APM2 delivers all the features that make our standard Wound Care APM stand out from the pack: Therapeutic Geo-Matt anti-shearing top surface, two-part Safety Edge, smooth, subtle shifts in weight bearing in ten-minute cycles, without sharp pressure drop-offs.

Quick Facts

Primary Use:
  • Aggressive Treatment of Pressure Ulcers

Patient Indications:

  • Can't or won't reposition frequently
  • Can be positioned off of ulcer in at least two positions
  • Prevention for those at high risk for skin breakdown

Key Advantages:

  • Two therapies in one mattress
  • Single switch operation
  • Wound Care design: stability, safety, anti-shearing

Compare Models

Item #          Description
5175LR-13       Wound Care APM2, 75"L x 35"W x 7"H
5180LR-13       Wound Care APM2, 80"L x 35"W x 7"H
5184LR-13       Wound Care APM2, 84"L x 35"W x 7"H

APM Models: (do not include lateral rotation feature)
Item #          Description
5175-13         Wound Care APM, 75"L x 35"W x 7"H
5180-13         Wound Care APM, 80"L x 35"W x 7"H
5184-13         Wound Care APM, 84"L x 35"W x 7"H

Medicare Approved:
      E0277 (Group II)
Weight Limit:           350 lbs.
Warranty:               18 month, non pro-rated
Mattress Weight:        20 lbs.
UL Listed:              Yes

FireGuard versions can be ordered to conform with 1997 NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code) and Cal. TB #129. To order, replace "-13" suffix with "-29" suffix in model number.